Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning

We believe in the power of wealth planning. It is one of the most important undertakings that successful people use to create an extraordinary life. It provides a blueprint that enables you to identify and reach your most important goals by making wise lifetime decisions. We consult, guide and advise with great care having only your personal, unique goals in mind.

Your Family Index Number

At The Thigpen Group, we use your Family Index Number to determine the rate of return necessary on your portfolio assets to pursue your goals and objectives while maintaining resources during your anticipated lifetime.

The Family Index Number empowers you to focus on the only number that matters to you and your family. This number not only helps you to remain on track toward pursuing your individual goals and objectives, but helps you manage the anxiety associated with trying to track and interpret short-term market fluctuations.

Your personalized Family Index Number is developed by taking your unique goals, resources and circumstances into account and providing a truly relevant benchmark for gauging the performance of your portfolio. We believe a well-conceived plan that adheres to a disciplined process can be more effective for pursuing your objectives than meeting or exceeding a broad market index.

A broad index like the S&P 500 doesn’t take certain factors into account that play a significant role in determining your financial picture now and throughout your years in retirement. Your Family Index Number takes into consideration investment time frame, tax situation, life expectancy, lifestyle preferences, healthcare needs and the impact of inflation, among others.

Family Index Number

Do you know your Family Index Number?

We follow our code, “Wealth Designed. Life Defined.™” This number allows your team to assist you in your quest to attain True Wealth.