Live Your Life. This is the mission of the Thigpen Group…to partner with a select group of clients in a long-term advisory relationship, focused on their dreams, goals, and aspirations.

The picture you see is what I think are the two most important things we do. First is an open chair in our “conversation room.” This is where it all begins. We have the privilege of visiting with prospective clients to see if we are the right fit for their needs. Often times, they have visited our website, seen our ads, or even been referred to us by one of our existing clients. But it is in this conversation room where the good fit determination is made. People have a great knack for being able to know what is best for them. As fiduciaries, a client’s best interest always comes first for us as well. When both sides realize a great fit has occurred, then we move on to our value proposition.

We offer the full array of traditional wealth management services. However, many aspects of wealth management have become a commodity. We realize people have many choices. We realize we will never be the lowest cost offering. But we feel like we have a very compelling value proposition that gets discussed in the conversation room. However, the most important part of any advisory relationship, trust, gets established here. We sincerely want clients to be with the advisory team they feel most comfortable with. We are honored each time we are selected to be that firm.

It is in this conversation room where we first get to hear a new prospective client’s story. This is arguably the most important conversation that we ever have. We want to understand a client’s goals and dreams but we also want to understand their concerns and fears. This forms the basis of the development of a customized financial plan which serves as the centerpiece of our financial advice. Understanding both the quantitative as well as the qualitative aspects of a client’s plan is vital.

The other thing you notice in the chair is a bound leather book. We call them legacy books and we want every client to have one. It just as well could be called the financial confidence book because that is the purpose it serves. This legacy book contains all of your important financial information, conveniently located in one place. We help clients establish and maintain these books. We have countless stories of clients who have faced unexpected life events. It is very comforting to always have your financial records organized, but especially when faced with events that seem to come out of left field.

We want to invite you to evaluate your current advisory relationship. Are there parts of your plan or portfolio you would like to develop, change, or improve? If so, we would like an opportunity to discuss where we might be able to add value. As we like to say, “It begins with a conversation.”