By Scot Thigpen

At the time of this writing, I have known Alice Anne Thigpen a little more than 24 hours. She is my grandbaby girl, the first of two. Alice Anne will meet her baby cousin in about a month. I am their “Big Papi”. For what seems like forever, I have heard there is nothing like being a grandparent. Judging from my short experience, they are exactly right. How a heart can love another that intensely is indescribable.

I have joined the ranks of other grandparents in their private “head over heels crazy for this baby girl” club. Within the first 24 hours since her arrival, I have gone to Walgreens, printed out an 8×10 picture of Alice Anne, and framed it for my office. I printed another 3×5 picture of her that now sits on the dashboard of my truck. I have tons of pictures saved on my iPhone that I can’t quit looking at. Every time the phone beeps, I look to see if someone has shared more photos to Alice Anne’s digital photo album.

I guess you could say I’m a mess (in a good way that all grandparents understand). Messes happen when your heart melts. Pictures mess me up. I have had sonogram pictures of Alice Anne for months now and those messed me up. I saw a picture of her soon after she came into this world on a beautiful Tuesday morning – more mess. But then, there was this magical moment when I got to not only lay eyes on her for the first time, but to hold that sweet baby girl in my arms! As we cooed back and forth to each other – more mess. If only the world could freeze in those indescribable moments!!

But life is meant to stay in motion. Fortunately for me, I don’t have to switch gears in order to get back into the “real world”. Every day, I have the privilege of working with families in the context of their financial planning. The words financial planning can seem so dry and mundane until you fully understand what it really is. Sure, it has quantitative aspects to it, but the real joy comes from the raw qualitative work. It is in those deep conversations that I constantly discover that behind each of a client goal’s and deepest life aspirations is a motivation that is rooted in love.

I wish those holding grand-babies in your arms moments would never go away. There will be more cherished times like that, but we left the hospital this past Tuesday and went home. As I enjoyed God’s very fitting pink sunset that signaled the end of Alice Anne’s first day with us, I reflected on all that is in front of her and her family. As you LIVE YOUR LIFE, I hope you cherish today with your loved ones and stay motivated by love.